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CSCL 2005 Ask the Author System

The CSCL 2005 conference provides an "Ask the Author" system for audiences and authors, so that traditional academic conference can be extended to include

(a) Pre-Conference: Web-based Discussion (audience will ask author questions about the paper)
(b) During-Conference: Wireless and Mobile Support for Face-to-Face Presentation
(c) Post-Conference: Web-Based Discussion.  

This is the url - http://CSS.cscl2005.org/  for Web-Based Discussion.  We have provided different threads for each paper and users can go into these "rooms" and post questions. 

1. The CSS allows first authors to provide a digital copy of their papers for others to download. Other than this, the authors can also post information and upload multimedia content (pictures, movie files) to further complement their work. Users can post questions or comments to the authors. 

2. We are thinking of using the system during the conference both in auditorium and room A02. The audience can post questions to the presenter using their mobile device. We will also be providing both Tablet PCs and Pocket PCs during the session.