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Submission Instructions

This page provides general instructions for preparing and submitting to CSCL 2005. Each submission category has its own requirements, described in the page for that category.

Step 1: Choose your submission category and determine the submission requirements

Read the following pages to determine which category best fits what you have to offer, and to identify the submission the requirements:

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Full Papers

Full Papers are for mature work. They are allocated up to 10 pages in the proceedings and a paper presentation.


Short Papers

Short Papers are suitable for work that is significant yet is either still in progress or does not require a long format to report. They are allocated up to 5 pages in the proceedings and are presented in an interactive format of the author's choosing.


Interactive Events

Interactive Events enable participants to to experiment with new interactive devices and environments for teaching and learning, explore designs for collaborative activities, or to try and compare methods for research and practice. They are allocated up to 2 pages in the conference companion.



Panels have already been defined for 4 topic areas. Participation is by invitation, but proposals are accepted.


Student Community

Student Community Program aims to build a community of CSCL students while providing service to the conference. Students who are selected will serve as volunteers for the conference. In addition, doctoral students may also apply to present their doctoral work at a pre-conference Student Community Workshop.


Workshop Proposals

A workshop is an opportunity for a group of people interested in a particular problem to get together and discuss that problem collaboratively. We solicit proposals for topics and facilitators in three thematic tracks.



Posters provide an opportunity to share work in progress or results that are obtained after the main conference deadlines. Posters will be shown during the opening reception. No conference proceedings submission is required.


Teacher Participation

Teacher Participation invites practicing teachers to participate in multiple ways, e.g., as "reporter," "idea catcher," or panel participant. No conference proceedings submission is required.


Tutorial Program

Tutorials are being solicited by invitation. However, if you wish to make a proposal, please contact the tutorial chairs.


Step 2: Prepare your submission

If your submission category requires that you contact the category chairs directly, then follow their instructions for that portion of your submission.

If you are submitting in a category for which a paper publication is required, your submission should follow the CSCL publication format. See cscl-2005-template.doc, cscl-2005-template.rtf or cscl-2005-template.pdf for specifications. This document is itself formatted to the publication specifications. You can replace the content of this file with your own. Be sure to use the styles we provide for consistency of formatting.

Submissions for publication are requested in PDF format. If you cannot generate PDF, you may submit RTF (Rich Text format) or Microsoft Word. Please note that if your paper is accepted, the final version must be provided in RTF or Word. by February 15, 2005. Therefore we recommend that you generate your submission in one of those formats now.

The language of the conference is English. Because CSCL is an international field, please ensure that your submission is written in clear and simple prose. Please avoid regional expressions that might be difficult for a global audience to understand. If you are not fluent in written English, we strongly encourage that you ask a native English speaker to review your document for grammar and style.

For all other submissions, email your materials to the chair for the submission category.