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Workshop Proposals  

A workshop is an opportunity for a group of people interested in a particular problem to get together and discuss that problem collaboratively. The workshops at CSCL 2005 will be designed to start the conference off with focused, highly interactive discussions of topics that concern CSCL researchers today – and then conclude the conference with a group reflection incorporating what we learned from the conference about those concerns.

There will be three workshop tracks:

  • CSCL Technology,

  • CSCL Methodology and

  • CSCL Theory

These will meet on Monday and Tuesday before the main conference. Each track will include a number of sessions on different important problems of CSCL that still confront the field after the past 10 years. People will register for the workshop series and can move between tracks.

The workshop sessions will be on specific problems facing CSCL technology & curriculum design, analysis & evaluation methodology and theoretical frameworks & issues, such as:

  • Functionality to support sociability

  • The design of effective threaded chat support

  • Methods for promoting & assessing software adoption by communities

  • Methods for making sense of collaborative sense-making

  • How to combine quantitative & qualitative approaches

  • How individuals internalize group learning

  • Designing & identifying activity structures in CSCL settings

On Saturday afternoon, after the conclusion of the main conference, there will be a follow-up workshop to reflect on where to go in the next ten years, based on what we learned during the conference. We will also review notes taken at the earlier workshops, to organize them for future publication.