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Steering Committee
Conference Chair:   Tak-Wai Chan, National Central University
Program Co-Chairs:   Dan Suthers, University of Hawaii
Timothy Koschmann, Southern Illinois University
Consultants:   Barbara Wasson, University of Bergen
Hans Spada, University of Freiburg
Teacher Participation:   Mary Lamon, University of Toronto
Hwawei Ko, National Central University
Community Memory:   Ricki Goldman, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Tutorials:   Cindy Hmelo-Silver, Rutgers University
Fe-Ching Chen, National Central University
Workshops:   Gerry Stahl, Drexel University
Student Community:   Clayton Lewis, University of Colorado at Boulder
Chris Quintana, University of Michigan
Fu-Yun Yu, National Cheng-Kung University
Student Paper Prize:   Timothy Koschmann, Southern Illinois University
Interactive Events:   Anders Mørch, University of Oslo
Hiroaki Ogata, University of Tokushima
Industry/Academic Forum:   Gwo-Dong Chen, National Science and Technology Program for e-Learning, Taiwan