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CSCL 2005 Tutorials
  Title: "Ethnographic Video Research in the Learning Sciences: From Videotaping to Online Collaborative Interpretation"

Day: Monday, May 30, 2005

Time: 9:00-17:00

Location: C03

Leaders: Ricki Goldman, Alan Zemel, and Yao Hu


This tutorial provides participants with an intensive learning experience of using ethnographic video research in the learning sciences. We will also introduce two new conceptual frames—Video Design Ethnography and the Quisitive Research Method.

The tutorial is scheduled for one day before the conference begins; however, those enrolled in the tutorial will be invited to participate as “digital video (and still-image) ethnographers” throughout the conference. To create a dynamic interaction tutorial participants will be invited to focus on one particular challenge facing all researchers using video: how to create a seamless process from the moment the camera is turned on to the moment researchers engage with online collaborative interpretation. To accomplish this, we will use the CSCL conference as a “site of ethnographic study.” Participants will design and conduct a video Design Ethnography, posting video segments online that will become part of the CSCL community memory interactive archive. Click here for a full description.

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