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Hosting Organization

Research Center for Science and Technology of Learning,

National Central University, Taiwan


NCU pays equal attention to teaching and research and expects its students to be both intellectual and upright. In recent years, NCU has been awarded significant grants through the government's promotion of excellent projects. As a top research-oriented university in Taiwan, NCU is rapidly gaining international attention.

The Learning Technology Center plays a leading role in research. It implements learning technology theory, content and platforms, integrating industry, global learning and government applications. The twenty first century is all about the knowledge
economy: whoever holds knowledge becomes the winner. Therefore, learning technology is very important in tomorrow's society. Learning to implement change in today's society has become the key to success. The vision of the center is to continue University Projects and learning technology from Taiwan to all over the world, and combine these with the ongoing National Research Projects. National Central University has a goal to plant the root of learning technology and train a critical mass of leaders in the subject. NCU will unite the learning technology researchers within the country and become the leader of Learning Technology Taiwan and in the whole of Asia.