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Paper Presentation Agenda
6/1 (Wednesday)

Plenary Papers

15:30 -17:00 Auditorium
“The Next 10 Years,” Part 1

Chair: Claire O'Malley

Our Way to Taipei - An Analysis of the First Ten Years of the CSCL Community
Andrea Kienle; Martin Wessner

The Shape of the Elephant: Scope and Membership of the CSCL Community
Christopher M. Hoadley

CSCL - The Next Ten Years – A View from Europe
Chris Jones, Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld and Berner Lindtröm

Why all CSL is CL: Distributed Mind and the Future of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
David Williamson Shaffer; Katherine A Clinton

6/2 (Thursday)

Lecture Papers

Lecture Track 1.1 10:30-12:00 Auditorium

Design Issues

Chair: Hiroaki Ogata

Design Principles for Online Peer-Evaluation: Fostering Objectivity
Yael Kali and Miky Ronen

Building Bridges within Learning Communities through Ontologies and “Thematic Objects”
Ulrich Hoppe, Niels Pinkwart, Maria Oelinger, Sam Zeini, Felisa Verdejo, Beatriz Barros and Jose Ignacio Mayorga

(BSPN) Instructional Methods for CSCL: Review of Case Studies
Hyo-Jeong So and Bosung Kim

Discussant: Chee Kit Looi


Lecture Track 2.1 15:30 -16:30 Auditorium

Representational Guidance

Chair: Daniel Suthers

iTree: Does the Mobile Phone Encourage Learners to be More Involved in Collaborative Learning?
Jun Nakahara, Kazaru Yaegashi, Shinichi Hisamatsu and Yuhei Yamauchi 

Improving the Coordination of Collaborative Learning with Process Models
Angela Carell, Thomas Herrmann, Andrea Kienle and Natalja Menold

Discussant: Peter Riemann

Lecture Track 1.2 10:30–12:00 Room A02


Chair: Paul Kirschner

 (BPN) Supporting CSCL with Automatic Corpus Analysis Technology
Pinar Dönmez, Carolyn Ros? Karsten Stegmann, Armin Weinberger and Frank Fischer

Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning in Higher Education: Scripts for Argumentative Knowledge Construction in Distributed Groups
Armin Weinberger, Karsten Stegmann and Frank Fischer

(BPN) Analyzing the Quality of Argumentation Supported by Personally-Seeded Discussions
Douglas B. Clark and Victor D. Sampson

Discussant: Deanna Kuhn


Lecture Track 2.2 15:30-16:30 Room A02

Sociocultural Theories of Learning 

Chair: Frans Ronteltap

Implementing Online Collaborative Professional Development for Innovative Educators
Donna Russell and Art Schneiderheinze

Designing for Constructionist Web-Based Knowledge Building
Yishay Mor, Jakob Tholander and Jesper Holmberg

Discussant: Sharon Derry

Lecture Track 1.3 10:30 -12:00 Room A02

Scripting, Part 1 

Chair: Gellof Kanselaar

The Impact of Role Assignment as Scripting Tool on Knowledge Construction in Asynchronous Discussion Groups
Tammy Schellens, Hilde Van Keer, Martin Valcke and Bram De Wever

(BPN) Functional versus Spontaneous Roles during CSCL
Jan-Willem Strijbos, Maarten De Laat, Rob Martens and Wim Jochems

Researching “Collaborative Knowledge Building” in Formal Distance Learning Environments
Vanessa Paz Dennen and Trena M. Paulus

Discussant: Clayton Lewis


Lecture Track 2.3 15:30-16:30 Room A03

Scripting, Part 2 

Chair: Hugo Fuks

CSCL Scripts: Modelling Features and Potential Use
Yongwu Miao, Kay Hoeksema, Heinz Ulrich Hoppe and Andreas Harrer

(BPN) (BSPN) Internal and External Collaboration Scripts in Web-Based Science Learning at Schools
Ingo Kollar, Frank Fischer and James D. Slotta

Discussant: Nancy Law

Interactive Papers

Interactive Papers 1.1 10:30 -12:00 Room A05

Chair: Mike Sharples

Towards A Design Framework for Mobile Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
Jeremy Roschelle, Ricardo Rosas and Miguel Nussbaum

Problem Solving as a Complex, Evolutionary Activity: A Methodological Framework for Analyzing Problem-Solving Processes in a Computer-Supported Collaborative Environment
Manu Kapur, John Voiklis and Charles K. Kinzer 

Using Paper to Support Collaboration in Educational Activities
Ella Tallyn, David Frohlich, Nadja Linketscher, Beat Signer and Guy Adams

Assessing learning outcomes in CSCL settings
Nancy Law 

A New Role for Computer-Mediated Communication in Engaging Teacher Learning within Informal Professional Communities
Diane Hui 

Animal Companions as Motivators for Teammates Helping Each Other Learn
Zhi-Hong Chen, Yi-Chan Deng, Chih-Yueh Chou and Tak-Wai Chan


Interactive Papers 2.2 13:30 -15:00 Room C01

Chair: Berner Lindtröm

The SENSE Project: A Context-Inclusive Approach to Studying Environmental Science within and Across Schools
Dana?Stanton Fraser, Hilary Smith, Ella Tallyn, Dave Kirk, Steve Benford, Duncan Rowland, Mark Paxton, Sara Price, Geraldine Fitzpatrick 

Cognitive Tutoring of Collaboration: Developmental and Empirical Steps Towards Realization
Bruce M. McLaren, Lars Bollen, Erin Walker, Andreas Harrer and Jonathan Sewall 

A Cognitive Tool in Handheld Devices for Collaborative Learning: Comprehending Procedural Knowledge
Siu Cheung KONG, Sau Yin LAM and Lam For KWOK 

Designing Collaborative Learning Systems: Current Trends & Future Research Agenda
Angelique Dimitracopoulou

Review of Computer-Mediated Collaborative Concept Mapping: Implication for Future Research
Bosung Kim, Chia-chi Yang and I-Chun Tsai

Exploring Collaborative Aspects of Knowledge Building Through Collaborative Summary Notes
Jan van Aalst, John Kamimura and Carol K.K. Chan

Interactive Papers 1.2 10:30 -12:00 Room C01

Chair: Cindy Hmelo-Silver

How Representation Matters: Comparing Collaborative Learning with Alternative Versions of Hypermedia
Lei Liu, Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver and Surabhi Marathe 

Local and Distributed Interaction in a Collaborative Knowledge Building Scenario
Kurt Rysjedal and Barbara Wasson 

(BSPN) Anonymity Options and Professional Participation in an Online Community of Practice
Peter G. Kilner and Christopher M. Hoadley 

Story-Lines: A Case Study
Joyce Yukawa 

Advanced Digital Video Technologies to Support Collaborative Learning in School Education and Beyond
Carmen Zahn, Roy Pea, Friedrich W. Hesse, Michael Mills, Matthias Finke and Joseph Rosen 

Weak Guidance with “Look” Functionality in Handheld-Based Classroom Activities
Kibum Kim and Deborah G. Tatar


Interactive Papers 3.1 15:30 -16:30 Room A05

Chair: Timothy Koschmann

(BPN) Usability as an Interactional Resource: Deictic Management of Scene Formulation
Alan Zemel, Tim Koschmann, Curtis LeBaron and Paul Feltovich

Non-linear Dynamical Development of CSCL Communities
Li Sha and Jan van Aalst

Mystery at the Museum – A Collaborative Game for Museum Education
Eric Klopfer, Judy Perry, Kurt Squire, Ming-Fong Jan and Constance Steinkuehler 

Macroscopic Study of the Social Networks Formed in Web-based Discussion Forums
Yau-Yuen Yeung


Interactive Papers 2.1 13:30 -15:00 Room A05

Chair: Chris Hoadley

Collaborative Learning through Augmented Reality Role Playing
Eric Klopfer, Judy Perry, Kurt Squire and Ming-Fong Jan 

An Experimental Study on Collaborative Scientific Activities with an Actual/Imaginary Partner
Kazuhisa Miwa, Yoshie Baba and Hitoshi Terai 

Action Context and Target Context Representations: A Case Study on Collaborative Design Learning
Henrik Artman, Robert Ramberg, Hillevi Sundholm and Teresa Cerratto-Pargman 

A Heterogeneous Animated Platform for Educational Participatory Simulations
Bill Tomlinson  

Assessment of Collaboration in Online Courses
Mariano Pimentel, Marco Aurélio Gerosa, Hugo Fuks and Carlos Jos? Pereira de Lucena 

Preserving Authenticity in CoLs and CoPs: Proposing an Agenda for CSCL
David Hung and Der Thanq Chen 


Interactive Papers 3.2 15:30 -16:30 Room C01

Chair: Chee Kit Looi

Establishing Communities of Practice among Students and Start-Up Companies
Markus Rohde, Ralf Klamma and Volker Wulf 

(BSPN) The Effect of Video-Augmented Chat on Collaborative Learning with Cases
Michael Tscholl, John D. McCarthy and Jeremiah Scholl 

A New Direction for Log File Analysis in CSCL: Experiences with a Spatio-temporal Metric
Till Schümmer, Jan-Willem Strijbos and Thomas Berkel 

ICT Can Recover Collaborative Tutorial Conversation and Position It within Undergraduate Curricula
Charles Crook


6/3 (Friday)

Lecture Papers

Lecture Track 3.1 10:30-12:00 Auditorium

Sense Making, Part 1 

Chair: Hans Spada

(BSPN) The Effects of Remote Gesturing on Distance Instruction
David S. Kirk and Dana? Stanton Fraser 

Explicit Referencing in Chat Supports Collaborative Learning
Martin Mühlpfordt and Martin Wessner 

(BSPN) Vulgar Competence, Ethnomethodological Indifference and Curricular Design
Oskar Lindwall and Gustav Lymer

Discussant: Gerry Stahl


Lecture Track 4.1 13:30 -15:00 Auditorium

Sense Making, Part 2 

Chair: Hajime Shirouzu

Texts-In-Interaction: Collaborative Problem-Solving in Quasi-Synchronous Computer-Mediated Communication
Alan Zemel 

A New Method to Assess the Quality of Collaborative Process in CSCL
Hans Spada, Anne Meier, Nikol Rummel and Sabine Hauser 

(BPN) A Study of the Foundations of Artifact-Mediated Collaboration
Nathan Dwyer and Daniel D. Suthers

Discussant: Charles Crook

Lecture Track 3.2 10:30 -12:00 Room A02

Knowledge Building, Part 1 

Chair: Fei-Ching Chen

(BSPN) No Need to Read Messages Right Now: Helping Mediators to Steer Educational Forums Using Statiastical and Visual Information
Marco Aurélio Gerosa, Mariano Gomes Pimentel, Hugo Fuks and Carlos J.P. Lucena 

Effects of an Individual’s Prior Knowledge on Collaborative Knowledge Construction and Individual Learning Outcomes in Videoconferencing
Bernhard Ertl, Birgitta Kopp and Heinz Mandl 

Information and Communications Technology and Literacy Development
Mary Lamon

Discussant: Andrea Kienle


Lecture Track 4.2 13:30 -15:00 Room A02

Knowledge Building, Part 2

Chair: Jim Slotta

Progressive Refinement of a CSCL-Based Lesson Plan for Improving Student Learning as Knowledge Building in the Period for the Integrated Study
Knowledge Forum?Japan Research Group 

(BPN) Students Assessing Their Own Knowledge Advances in a Knowledge Building Environment
Eddy Y. C. Lee, Carol K.K. Chan and Jan van Aalst 

(BPN) Coercing Knowledge Construction in Collaborative Learning Environments
Pieter J. Beers, Paul A. Kirschner, Henny P.A. Boshuizen and Wim H. Gijselaers

Discussant: Mary Lamon

Lecture Track 3.3 10:30 -12:00 Room A03

Learning through Problem Solving, Part 1

Chair: t.b.a.

(BPN) Making a Mesh of It: A STELLAR Approach to Teacher Professional Development
S. Derry, C. Hmelo-Silver, J. Feltovich, A. Nagarajan, E. Chernobilsky & B. Halfpap 

From Parallel Play to Meshed Interaction: The Evolution of the eSTEP System
Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Sharon J. Derry, David Woods, Matt DelMarcelle and Ellina Chernobilsky 

Analyzing and Supporting Collaboration in Cooperative Computer-Mediated Communication
Jörg Zumbach, Jochen Schönemann and Peter Reimann

Discussant: Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld


Lecture Track 4.3 13:30 -15:00 Room A03

Learning Through Problem Solving, Part 2

Chair: Heinz Mandl

(BSPN) Problem-Based Learning Online: Multiple Perspectives on Collaborative Knowledge Construction
Ellina Chernobilsky, Anandi Nagarajan and Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver 

Measuring Motivation in Collaborative Inquiry-Based Learning Contexts
Angela Chow and Nancy Law 

(BPN) Teaching Distributed Software Development with the Project Method
Till Schümmer, Stephan Lukosch and Joerg M. Haake

Discussant: Ulrich Hoppe

Interactive Papers

Interactive Papers 4.1 10:30 -12:00 Room A05  

Chair: Therese Laferrière

Collaborative Scaffolding in Synchronous Environment: Congruity and Antagonism of Tutor/Student Facilitation Acts
Kai Pata; Tago Sarapuu; Raymond Archee 

CSC*: Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Learning, and Play
Michael B. Twidale, X. Christine Wang and D. Michelle Hinn

Identifying Peer Interaction Patterns and Related Variables in Community-Based Learning
Heejeon Suh, Myunghee Kang, Kyungae Moon and Howook Jang 

Arguing on the Computer
Deanna Kuhn; Wendy Wee Lyn Goh 

(BSPN) We Learn Better Together: Enhancing eLearning with Emotional Characters
H. Maldonado, J. R. Lee, S. Brave, C. Nass, H. Nakajima, R. Yamada, K. Iwamura & Y. Morishima


Interactive Papers 5.2 13:30 -15:00 Room C01

Chair: Chris Quintana 

(BPN) Promotion of Self-Assessment for Learners in Online Discussion Using the Visualization Software
Mochizuki, Kato, Hisamatsu, Yaegashi, Fujitani, Nagata, Nakahara, Nishimori & Suzuki 

AGQ: A Model of Student Question Generation Supported by One-on-One Educational Computing
Sung-Bin Chang, Kuan-Jung Tung, Hsien-Ming Huang and Tak-Wai Chan 

A Lightweight Approach for Flexible Group Management in the Classroom
Markus Kuhn, Marc Jansen, Andreas Harrer and Ulrich Hoppe 

A Pilot Study of Computer Supported Learning by Constructing Instruction Notes and Peer Expository Instruction
Emily Ching, Chih-Ti Chen, Chih-Yueh Chou, Yi-Chan Deng and Tak-Wai Chan 

Language Learning in a Virtual Classroom: Synchronous Methods, Cultural Exchanges
Deborah K. LaPointe; Kerrin A. Barrett

Interactive Papers 4.2 10:30 -12:00 Room C01 

Chair: Thomas Herrmann

ACT: A Web-Based Adaptive Communication Tool
Agoritsa Gogoulou, Evangelia Gouli, Maria Grigoriadou and Maria Samarakou 

How Can We Use Hypervideo Design Projects to Construct Knowledge in University Courses?
Elmar Stahl, Carmen Zahn and Matthias Finke 

The Effects of Electronic Communication Support on Presence Learning Scenarios
Andreas Harrer; Sam Zeini; Niels Pinkwart

Why Member Portraits Can Undermine Participation
Ulrike Cress 

MatrixDesks: Interactive Computing Desks toward One-on-Two Educational Computing Environments
Hercy N.H. Cheng, Ben Chang, Yi-Chan Deng and Tak-Wai Chan


Interactive Papers 6.1 15:30 -17:00 Room A05 

Chair: Fu-Yun Yu

Effective Discussions, Social Talks and Learning: A Paradox on Learning in Discussion Forums
Fe-Ching Chen, Yu-Wei Lee, Hui Chen Chu, Hung Ren Wang and Huo-Ming Jiang 

(BSPN) Mediated Chat Development Process: Avoiding Chat Confusion on Educational Debates
Mariano Pimentel, Hugo Fuks and Carlos Jos?Pereira de Lucena 

The Evolution of the Intellectual Partnership with a Cognitive Tool in Inquiry-Based Astronomy Laboratory
Beaumie Kim; Kenneth E. Hay 

Supporting Collaborative Discovery Learning by Presenting a Tool
Nadira Saab and Wouter van Joolingen

Interactive Papers 5.1 13:30 -15:00 Room A05 

Chair: Jeremy Roschelle

(BSPN) Experiences with Interactive Lectures – Considerations from the Perspective of Educational Psychology and Computer Science
Nicolai Scheele, Anja Wessels, Wolfgang Effelsberg, Manfred Hofer and Stefan Fries 

Computer-Supported Collaboration in a Scripted 3-D Game Environment
Hämäläinen Raija, Häkkinen Päivi, Järvel?Sanna and Manninen Tony

Mining Learning Groups' Activities in Forum-type Tools
Pablo Reyes; Pierre Tchounikine 

(BPN) The Role of Floor Control and of Ontology in Argumentative Activities with Discussion-Based Tools
Amnon Glassner and Baruch B. Schwarz 

From CSCL Classroom to Real-World Settings through Project-Based Learning
Naoko Osada and Naomi Miyake


Interactive Papers 6.2 15:30 -17:00 Room C01 

Chair: Nikol Rummel

V-Share - Video-based Analysis and Reflection of Teaching Experiences in (Virtual) Groups
Peter Huppertz; Ute Massier; Rolf Ploetzner 

A Structured Chat Framework for Distributed Educational Settings
Jacques Lonchamp 

Understanding Computer Mediated Social Experience: Implications for CSCL
James M. Laffey, Chia-Chi Yang, et al. 

Fostering Social Presence in Asynchronous Online Class Discussions
Lifang Shih; Karen Swan

6/4 (Saturday)

Plenary Papers

9:30 -10:30 Auditorium
“The Next 10 Years,” Part2

Chair: Friedrich Hesse

(BPN) Technology Affordances for Intersubjective Learning: A Thematic Agenda for CSCL
Daniel D. Suthers

(BPN) Towards a Dialogic Understanding of the Relationship between CSCL and Teaching Thinking Skills
Rupert Wegerif

Group Cognition: The Collaborative Locus of Agency in CSCL
Gerry Stahl