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CSCL 2005 Posters
Supporting Social Interactions in OO Learning
Weiqin Chen, Jan Dolonen* and Lars Eirik Ronning
Information Science and Media Studies University of Bergen, *InterMedia, University of Oslo
Avoiding the "cold feet" effect:A Different Look at Teachers' Professional Development in Spain
Begona Gros, Isabel Alvarez, and Iolanda Garcia
University of Barcelona
Tools for thinking together: Modeling as a collaborative learning tool

Maria Larsson and Mats G E Svensson
Lund University
Improving Algebra Learning and Collaboration through Collaborative Extensions to the Algebra Cognitive Tutor
Bruce McLaren, Erin Walker, Ken Koedinger
Carnegie Mellon University

Nikol Rummel, Hans Spada
University of Freiburg

Mindy Kalchman
DePaul University
Reflection Connection: How can Collaborative Environments Support Teachers as Reflective Practitioners?
Johann W. Sarmiento, Catherine C. Schifter, Joan Pasternak, and Barry Mansfield
Temple University
CSCL for Lecture Comprehension and Question Asking: Commentable Movie Sheet on BBS
Hajime Shirouzu & Naomi Miyake
Chukyo University
VMT: Virtual Math Teams at Drexel University
Gerry Stahl
VO@NET Project
Thomas Ryberg, Brian Moeller Svendsen and Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld
Aalborg University
Does it Work: On Using Wiki in an English as a Second Language Course: An Empirical Study
Chun-Hung Lu, Hao-Chuan Wang, Wen-Lian Hsu1, Jun-Yi Yang, Hsin-Wen Hu, Guey-Fa Chiou, and Yueh-Tzu Chiang
National Taiwan Normal University