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Taipei, Taiwan               Prior to Travel to Taiwan               Transportation Information               Travel Tips

Transportation Information  
Arriving in Taiwan  
  ‧By air  

C.K.S. International Airport has regular flights to and from cities worldwide, which is approximately 40 kilometers (25 miles) away from Taipei.

  CKS International Airport (external)  
  Flight information (external)  
Travelling to Taipei  
  ‧By bus  

There are frequent bus services (http://www.taiwan-map.com/en_airport_01.htm) from the airport to Taipei. Bus fares between airport and Taipei is about NT$135. From 06:00am~02:00am, buses leave every 10 to 30 minutes from Terminal I and II. Kuo-Kuang Bus, Evergreen Bus and Fe Go Express provide transportation to downtown Taipei. Please check their airport counters for detailed route information.

  ‧By taxi  
  Taxis are available outside the Arrivals Hall of Terminal I & II at CKS airport. Taxi fares between airport and Taipei is around NT$1200.  
  ‧By car  

Taipei is located in northern Taiwan and has easy access from National freeway No 1 to CKS airport (50 minutes).

  Taiwan map (external)  
Travelling in Taipei  
  ‧By MRT  

Taipei has fast MRT connections to metropolitan area. Major attractions (see the following) and scenic spots can be reached by MRT.

Metro Taipei (external)

  ‧By bus  

Buses are another choice for visitors to get around in Taipei. Fares differ according to the distance travelled. A single section fare is NT$15. Pay upon boarding or getting off according to instructions.


Link: Department of Transportation (external)